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Public Information and Campus Safety

Section Section Title Approval Date
2.A Public Information July 16, 2018
2.B Public Complaints July 16, 2018
2.C Authority of Campus Police and Security July 16, 2018
2.C.1 Authority of Police
2.C.2 Authority of Security Officers
2.C.3 Traffic Regulations
2.C.4 VGCC Campus Police Department Operations Manual (Policies are maintained in the VGCC Campus Police Department Office)
2.D Health July 16, 2018
2.D.1 Communicable Disease
2.D.2 Pandemic Preparedness
2.D.3 Exposure Control Plan (ECP) for Blood Borne Pathogens
2.E Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Distribution of Literature May 15, 2023
2.F Tobacco-Free College July 16, 2018
2.G Alcohol and Drug Prevention July 16, 2018
2.H Weapons on Campus July 16, 2018
2.I Adverse Weather July 16, 2018
2.J Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Title IX July 16, 2018, Revised January 22, 2024
2.K Sexual Assault July 16, 2018
2.L Timely Warning July 16, 2018
2.M Solicitation July 17, 2023