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Section 2.M – Solicitation

College buildings or campus spaces may not be used to canvass, sell, or raise funds for individuals or organizations except for officially recognized College projects or organizations that have obtained prior approval. The college provides limited bulletin boards for use by students and employees to advertise or request goods or services of benefit to the college community. Other than such limited use by students and employees, college bulletin boards may not be used for commercial purposes. Any posted messages on bulletin boards should identify the responsible party and should be approved by the Office of the President. Materials must not be posted to other surfaces such as walls, trees, buildings, etc. unless the materials are college-sponsored activities and have been approved by the Office of the President. Responsible parties may be responsible for reimbursing the college for any costs associated with damage, repair, cleaning, or removal as a result of materials or assembly.

Definitions used in this policy are as follows:

Solicitations are defined as attempts to address all or portions of the College community to express social, political, religious, or other views; to disseminate written materials; to request, accept, or collect donations or contributions for a particular cause; or to gather information (other than information gathered for College use) through focus groups, surveys, or other means. See N.C.G.S. 131F-2(18) for more information.

(approved July 17, 2023)


Individuals or groups (other than students or employees) wishing to post or display materials on college property should contact the Executive Assistant in the Office of the President.

Public Assembly and Solicitation Form