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Weapons On Campus

2.H – Weapons on Campus

As pursuant to NC General Statute 14-269.2, it is unlawful for anyone to possess, whether openly or concealed, any weapon on the Vance-Granville Community College campuses unless the weapon is used lawfully as part of a ceremony, for institutional purposes, or by a duly authorized law enforcement officer. Current law permits those persons who have valid concealed weapon permits and those exempt from obtaining such permits to have handguns secured, as described by law, in their locked vehicle under the following limited conditions:

  1. The firearm is a handgun; AND
  2. The individual has a valid concealed handgun permit or is exempt from the law requiring a permit; AND
  3. The handgun remains in either: a closed compartment or container within the individual with the permit’s locked vehicle; or a locked container securely affixed to the individual with the permit’s locked vehicle; AND
  4. The vehicle is only unlocked when the individual with the permit is entering or exiting the vehicle; AND
  5. The firearm remains in the closed compartment at all times.

(approved July 16, 2018)