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Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Distribution of Literature

Section 2.E

Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) recognizes the importance for the community to be able to exercise the rights of constitutionally-protected free speech and public assembly. This policy is intended to protect the rights of free speech, petition, and peaceable assembly without interfering with the primary educational purpose of the College. Interferences include any situations that may compromise the College’s ability to provide a suitable environment for students, faculty, and staff to study, conduct research, and perform activities without undue interference. Any acts that are disruptive to normal operations of the College will not be tolerated. Persons engaged in disruptive activity including students, faculty, and staff may be subject to disciplinary or criminal action. The College reserves the right to restrict the time, place and manner of any public assembly. The college has identified specific areas on each campus as primary sites for public assemblies. These areas are available for approved assemblies of members of the college and members of the general public. The college reserves the right to cancel any function that is inciting violence or poses danger to public safety; to relocate an assembly to ensure the activity does not interfere with college operations or the rights of other individuals; to reschedule a function if necessary; and to suspend the privileges of any persons who violate college policies. Access will not be denied because of persons’ viewpoints, and access will be granted on space-available basis.

Please see the Solicitation Policy, 2M, for information pertaining to the distribution of literature.


Individuals or groups wishing to publicly assemble should submit their request at least two weeks prior to the desired date using the following link: Public Assembly Solicitation Form. If you need assistance completing the online form, please contact the Executive Assistant in the Office of the President. Once the online form is completed, the President’s Office will notify the organization regarding the request and will coordinate the function in consultation with the campus Chief of Police and campus deans.

Public assembly/distribution points for each campus are as follows:

  • Main Campus – central courtyard or patio/sidewalk between Buildings 5 and 6.
  • Franklin Campus – outside entrance to Building 3 and in between Buildings 4 and 5.
  • South Campus – courtyard in front of central entrance.
  • Warren Campus – courtyard between Buildings 2, 3, and 4.