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Executive Team:

Rachel Desmarais, Ph.D , President

Dr. Kenneth A. Lewis, Jr. , Vice President of Institutional Research & Technology

Steven Graham , Vice President of Finance and Operations

Dr. Levy Brown , Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement & Success / CAO

Dr. Jerry Edmonds, Vice President of Workforce and Community Engagement


Cecilia Wheeler , Dean of Arts and Sciences

Angela Gardner-Ragland , Dean of Business and Applied Technologies

Angela Thomas , Dean of Health Sciences

Bobbie Jo May , Dean of Franklin Campus

Tanya Weary , Dean of South Campus

Lyndon Hall , Dean of K-12 Partnership and Warren Campus

Kali Brown , Dean of Student Access & Support

Dr. Jeffrey Allen , Dean of Student Retention & Success

Dawn Michelle Tucker , Dean of Continuing Education and College & Career Readiness

Leadership in Academic Divisions:

Arts & Sciences Division:

Cecilia Wheeler , Dean of Arts and Sciences

David Wyche : Department Chair of English

Betsy Henderson:  Department Chair of Fine Arts and Humanities

Brandy Bowling:   Department Chair of Science

Jonathan Sparks:   Department Chair of Social Science

Rene` Alston-Thompson:   Department Chair of Math

Stewart Lyon: Program Head of BioProcess Technology

Andrea Hyson: Program Head of Criminal Justice

Health Sciences Division:

Angela Thomas: Dean of Health Sciences

Dr. Anna Seaman: Program Head of Nursing

Erica Jastrow: Department Chair of Nursing

Angela Thomas: Program Head of Radiography

Steve Hargrove: Program Head of Human Services

Dr. Erica Fleming: Program Head of Pharmacy and Program Head, Histotechnology

Mercedes Kamoru: Program Head of Medical Assisting

Business & Applied Tech with Public Service Division:

Angela Gardner-Ragland , Dean of Business and Applied Technologies

Spring Tucker: Department Chair of Business Technologies

Antoinette Dickens: Department Chair of Public Services

Robinette Fischer: : Department Chair of Applied Technologies

Dr. Tracey Carter Bennett: Program Head of Early Childhood

Fred Brewer: Program Head of Automotive

Tomeka Carter: Program Head of Cosmetology

Marque Debnam: Program Head of Paralegal

Delton Farmer: Program Head of Accounting, Business Administration and Supply Chain Management

Donna Gill: Program Head of Information Technology

Rusty Pace: Program Head of Welding

Christal Thomas: Program Head of Office Administration/Medical Office Administration

Jillian Whitlow: Program Head of Culinary

Michael Whittemore: Program Head of Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

Wesley Williams: Program Head of Mechatronics and Electronic Engineering

No PH for Carpentry or Electrical (Currently the Dean oversees these programs)