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General Information

For Information: A-L are not policies.

Section Section Title Approval Date
1.A Introduction
1.B, 1.C Name and College History
1.D Mission Approved July 15, 2019; last reaffirmed on July 15, 2024
1.E Vision Approved November 18, 2019; last reaffirmed on July 15, 2024
1.F Equity Definition and Equity Statement November 15, 2021
1.G Seal
1.H Strategic Priorities 2024-2027 January 22, 2024
1.I Core Values August 26, 2019
1.J EEO/Affirmative Action/Nondiscrimination Statement
1.K Open Door Philosophy
1.L Institutional Governance
1.L.1 Governance
1.L.2 Accreditation
1.L.3 Approval/Associations
1.L.4 Membership
1.L.5 Policy Development & Revision