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Strategic Priorities

1.H – Strategic Priorities 2024-2027

  1. Prioritize economic mobility through existing and future programs for student/community success.
  2. Be student-ready by centering our work both inside and outside the classroom with the students we have.
  3. Amplify community connections and belonging beyond the campus boundaries through dynamic partnerships to increase enrollment through existing high-quality academic and short-term workforce programs to fulfill workforce needs and strengthen our communities.
  4. Drive innovation by optimizing campus resources to ensure growth and success

Plan Measurements

Economic Mobility

Increase enrollment in livable wage programs by at least:

  • 5% for continuing education programs
  • 10% for credit programs

Increase livable wage program completion rates by at least:

  • 9% for continuing education programs
  • 10% for credit programs


Increase retention:

  •  FA to SP to 82% or higher
  •  SP to FA to 72% or higher

Increase the ratio of “credits completed” to “credits-attempted” to 82% or higher

Community Connections

Increased enrollment across all programs:

  • Basic Skills by 25%
  • Continuing Education by 12%
  • Credit Programs by 10%


Increase course success across all modalities to 82% or higher.

Increase percentage of students achieving measurable skills gains to 45% or higher.

Increase applicant admission conversion rates to 50% or higher.

2024 Initiatives in Support of Strategic Priorities

Economic Mobility

  • Align academic pathways with livable-wage careers
  • Reimagine career services by moving career selection to the front-end of the enrollment process

Be Student Ready

  • Implement an institutional scaffolding model from entry to completion
  • Implement student-centered course mapping and scheduling

Community Connections

  • Establish a holistic marketing and outreach plan that attracts students reflective of our community
  • Establish a holistic strategic enrollment and communication plan that attracts, retains, and graduates students reflective of our community


  • Implement the One-Front Door Model for all students**
  • Cultivate high impact teaching and learning opportunities in all programs**

**Two year initiatives.