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Extra-Curricular Activities

Section 4.N.1 – Student Activities

Student activities are offered supplementary to and supportive of the academic mission of the College. The Board of Trustees recognizes the need for student activities and vests in the President the authority to approve or reject any activity or phase of activity proposed for students. Types of activities supported by the Board of Trustees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association
  2. The VGCC Student Government Association
  3. Student clubs and organizations in accordance with VGCC regulations
  4. Cultural activities
  5. Social activities
  6. Athletics programs and intramural activities
  7. Field trips and student tours

All College-sponsored activities must contribute to enrichment of students and comply with College, local, state, and federal regulations and statutes.

Funds derived from and expended for student activities will be accounted for in accordance with Fiscal Management Principles and State Guidelines. No state funds may be used for student activities or athletics.

Section 4.N.2 – Student Clubs and Organizations

All student clubs and/or student organizations shall be approved by both the Student Government Association and the Coordinator of Student Activities and Athletics.

  • Purpose(s) and activities that support the academic mission of the college
  • Membership open to all students
  • A faculty or staff advisor who has been employed by the college for at least a year. Faculty must be approved to serve as a student organization advisor by the appropriate academic and campus deans; staff must be approved to serve as a student organization advisor by the supervisor
  • A constitution that includes: organization name, purpose, membership, offices and officers, named faculty advisors, meeting schedules, committees, finances, and any amendments, ratifications, or dissolutions.
  • Any organizational by-laws including responsibilities of officers, meeting sites, dues, etc.
  • Regular meetings and minutes of all meetings
  • Compliance with college policies and student regulations including fiscal management guidelines
  • The Office of Student Activities will maintain a list of approved student clubs and organizations and will ensure that it is updated on the college website.


Application to petition for student organizations or related inquiries may be made to the Office of Student Activities.

Applications must contain: a statement of purpose, proposed constitution and by-laws, notice of affiliation with any other organization, a list of proposed officers, a list of at least 10 current students who are willing to be active members, names of faculty or staff who are willing to serve as advisors and meet regularly with the group, statement of proposed dues or other funding proposals.

Existing clubs will be reviewed periodically by administration to ensure activity and sustainability to continue. Each year upon request all clubs/organizations must resubmit the following to the office of student activities:

  • club/organization name
  • membership roster
  • officers
  • named advisor
  • bylaws and constitution

Section 4.N.3 – Student Government Association

The Board of Trustees of Vance-Granville Community College, dedicated to the perpetuation of a democratic society and convinced of the value of student selfgovernment, do hereby grant a charter to the Student Government Association of the College. In so doing, the trustees of the College not only recognize the responsibilities of student government, but also take note of the concomitant administrative, legal and financial responsibilities of the College. This is particularly true regarding the College’s responsibility for student activity fees, which are collected by the College. The College cannot avoid its responsibilities in the collection and disbursement of these monies and, therefore, must share with students these responsibilities.


The following link provides a description of the Student Government Association and regulations related to how representatives are selected.

Section 4.N.4 – Intercollegiate Athletics and Intramural Sports

The College offers athletics as a supplement to academics in order to provide for overall student development. In doing so, the College complies with North Carolina Junior College Athletics Association (NCJCAA) guidelines in providing competitive sport opportunities for students and, based on interest and resources, may provide other non-competitive sporting opportunities for students. Funds derived from and expended for student athletics will be accounted for in accordance with fiscal management principles and state guidelines. No state funds may be used to support athletics programs.

(approved July 16, 2018)