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Section 4.R.1 – Class Attendance

Attendance is counted from the published first scheduled day of class. Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, clinical, and shop sessions to attain the student learning outcomes of the courses for which they are registered.When absences total more than fifteen percent (15%) of the total contact hours for a course, the student may be withdrawn from the class in accordance with the Colleges’ withdrawal procedures. With dean approval, specific disciplines or programs with accrediting/licensing requirements may have more stringent attendance regulations and, in these cases, the discipline/program regulations shall be followed.

Section 4.R.2 – Religious Observance

The Board of Trustees grants each student two days of excused absences per academic year for religious observances. In order for the absence to be an excused absence, students must submit a written request for the absence sufficiently in advance to permit the instructor and student to develop a sound plan for making up any missed class work. All students must plan absences from a class so that their total absences, including any absences authorized in accordance with this policy, do not exceed the total absences otherwise permitted by the instructor, a certifying board, or an accrediting agency.

For the purpose of this policy, an excused absence is an absence for which the student is held harmless for their failure to attend a scheduled class, and for which the instructor provides the student a reasonable opportunity to make up any tests, exams, assignments, or other work missed as a result of the absence. Academic year is defined as beginning the first day of fall semester and ending the last day of the summer semester. Should the student fail to complete the tests, exams, assignments, or other work missed during the excused absence, after the instructor has given a reasonable opportunity to complete them, the instructor is authorized to give no credit for any tests, exams, assignments, or other missed work. North Carolina General Statute 115D5(u); SL 2010-112,5.2.

(approved July 16, 2018)