Make the most of your time at VGCC!

VGCC advisors are here to help you maximize your college experience, whether you’re a new student, returning student, or are currently enrolled. In general, advising is done on a drop-in basis at each campus. Some campuses offer advising appointments!

List of Academic Advisors

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VGCC Advising After Hours

Offered Every Tuesday from 5:00pm-8:00pm via phone call or virtual appointment only.

For all of your advising needs, please contact our advisor line at (252) 738-3251 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see an advisor?

If you’re a new student, see an advisor as soon as you have completed the enrollment process (admissions, testing, and new student orientation). If you have previous college experience, bring your transcripts and see an advisor before registering for your first term. If you are currently enrolled, meet regularly with an advisor to make sure you’re meeting your educational goals.

Why see an advisor?

VGCC wants you to succeed, whether you’re here to take one class or complete a degree program! If you’re just getting started and aren’t sure what you want to do, it’s even more important to see an advisor. In general, it’s good to see an advisor once per term. Advisors can help you:

  • Select courses that match your interests and skills
  • Choose a degree program at VGCC or another college or university
  • Avoid unnecessary classes by clarifying degree requirements
  • Make a long-term academic plan in order to meet your goals

Advisors can also answer questions about college policies, instructor expectations, tutorial support, counseling, extra-curricular activities. Students who need information about college and community resources that may make it easier to attend VGCC will find an advisor a valuable resource.

What if I don’t “click” with the first advisor I see?

VGCC wants you to feel comfortable with any advisor you see, every time you visit. If you find that isn’t the case, please feel free to visit Student Affairs for resolution. Personalities, interests, and knowledge base differ from student to student and advisor to advisor, and not all advisors can meet the needs of every student. VGCC’s goal is to have you leave your visit with an advisor feeling more informed about the steps you need to take to meet your educational goals – and, if necessary, where to go for more help.

What should I do before I see an advisor?

To make your advising session as productive as possible, you should:

  • Read the VGCC catalog and become familiar with your degree requirements.
  • Spend time working out a sample schedule for the upcoming term.
  • Learn about the college or university you’re planning to transfer to.
  • Make a list of your questions.
  • Bring any transcripts you have from other colleges or universities

What’s available at all VGCC campuses?

  • Interpretation of test scores and transcripts from other colleges.
  • Short- and long-term academic planning/advisement.
  • Information about transfer requirements, registration procedures, and class scheduling.
  • Assistance with academic concerns and “special needs”.
  • Referrals to other colleges and community resources.
  • Advising High School students.

Where do I find information for my advisor?

  • Log into myVGCC using your VGCC username and password.
  • Select Student Planning from the main menu.
  • Select Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes.
  • If you have an assigned advisor, you’ll find your advisor’s name under the Advising tab.
  • Right click on their name and copy your new advisor’s email address and paste it into an email using your VGCC email account.
  • If no advisor is listed, please contact one of our offices below.

Campus Locations and Hours

Main Campus (Henderson)

Location: Student Affairs, Building 8
(252) 738-3330

Hours: Monday through Thursday: 8am -5:00pm
Friday: 8am -3:00pm

Franklin County Campus (Louisburg)

Location: Main Building
(919) 496-1567

Hours: Monday through Thursday: 8am -5:00pm
Friday: 8am -3:00pm

South Campus (Creedmoor)

Location: Main Building
(919) 528-4737

Hours: Monday through Thursday: 8am -5:00pm
Friday: 8am -3:00pm

Warren County Campus (Warrenton)

Location: Main Building
(252) 257-1900
Hours: Please call to verify hours of operation.