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Free Tutoring Services

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Please reach out to our tutoring services to receive free tutoring support! Services include in-person tutoring and LIVE online tutoring services.

  1. Free in-person / on-campus tutoring is available at each of our four campuses. Times and subject availability will vary. Feel free to call the campus of your choice or login into your UPSWING tutoring account to search for a VGCC tutor that will tutor on campus.
  2. Upswing Online Tutoring – Log in using your Moodle username and password. VGCC professional tutors are available to help you in Upswing online tutoring. 24/7 academic support for math and writing, and many other subjects available such as biology and nursing.
  3. We also have an online Academic Success Center in Moodle that provides additional information about tutoring services as well as study skills resources. Please feel free to login into Moodle and explore the Academic Success Center for information about various subjects and topics that will provide additional academic support.

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