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Sponsorships (Third Party Billing)

Sponsorship (Third Party Payer)

A sponsorship or third party agreement occurs when an outside agency (sponsor) pays tuition, fees, and/or book charges for a student. The agreement must be on company letterhead and include the student’s name, Id number, sponsor’s billing address, contact name, phone number, representative’s signature, and email address. A W-9 may also be required if the sponsor’s information does not exist in the college’s accounting system.

Sponsors may use our standard sponsorship agreement form. Click here for form .

Employer Sponsorship Agreements

The North Carolina General Statute 115D-39 states: The legal resident limitation with respect to tuition, set forth in G.S. 116-143.1 and G.S. 116-143.3, shall apply to students attending institutions operating pursuant to this Chapter; provided, however, that when an employer other than the Armed Forces, as that term is defined in G.S. 116-143.3, pays tuition for an employee to attend an institution operating pursuant to this Chapter and when the employee works at a North Carolina business location, the employer shall be charged the in-State tuition rate.

To qualify, the employer must be a North Carolina based employer, employ the student, issue the student a company paycheck, complete the signed Employer Sponsorship Agreement, and certify on company letterhead the employment of the student.

Once the sponsorship agreement and documentation have been reviewed, VGCC will set up a sponsorship account for the employer and the employer will be billed at the in state tuition rate plus fees. It becomes the employer’s responsibility to pay as the authorization is considered a contract between the employer and VGCC. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date and must be made with a company check.

Employer Sponsorship Agreement Form

Important Information

The tuition refund policy can be found at https://www.vgcc.edu/tuition-refund-policy/ . This policy also applies to sponsors.

Vance-Granville Community College requires a new agreement each semester. Sponsorship agreements are due by the tuition payment deadline each semester.

Authorizations are due by the tuition payment deadline each semester.

Sponsorship agreements can be mailed, delivered in person, faxed, or emailed to the staff listed below.

Fax: (252) 430-0460

Lauren Elliott
Student Accounts Assistant Accountant/Cashier
(252) 738-3237
Jenny Luffman
Student Accounts & Receivables Accountant.