Tuition Refund Policy

Eligibility for tuition refunds are determined by the state policy in effect during the specified term, which will be published prior to the beginning of each term. Currently, curriculum students who officially withdraw from the College prior to the first day of the semester are eligible for 100% refund of tuition. Students who withdraw after the beginning of the term but by the 10% point are eligible for a 75% refund of tuition. The student activity fee, campus access/security fee, technology fee, and malpractice insurance fee (if applicable) will be 100% refunded when a student officially withdraws from all curriculum classes prior to the first day of the semester. These fees are not refundable once the semester begins. Official withdrawal forms may be obtained from the Main Campus Admissions/Records Office or from the Campus Dean.

Note: The Refund policy is subject to change as directed by the N.C. Legislature and the N.C. Board of Community Colleges. Federal policy on Refund of Tuition for Title IV funds will supersede the State policy on Refund of Tuition.

Students may appeal their indebtedness to the college if there are extenuating circumstances. Appeals will be addressed according to the following procedures:

  1. The student will obtain an Appeal of Debt/Tuition/Fee Waiver form from the Business Office, Student Services or VGCC Website (form is provided below). The student will complete the form and submit it, along with any supporting documentation, to the Business Office detailing his/her extenuating circumstances.
  2. The student’s appeal, along with all relevant college documentation and records, will be reviewed by a committee of Business Office and Student Services staff familiar with the college processes and procedures involved. Each committee member will vote to approve or deny the appeal.
  3. The Business Office will notify the student in writing of a decision within fifteen (15) college working days from the date the College receives his/her request form. The committee’s decision will be considered final.

Appeal of Debt/Tuition/Fee Waiver

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