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Use of Chemicals on Campus

Section 6.U – Use of Chemicals on Campus

The College maintains a Chemical Hygiene Plan to assist in protecting employees and others from health hazards associated with the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The chemical hygiene plan is reviewed by appropriate staff and the College Safety and Wellness Committee. Responsibility for chemical hygiene rests at all levels and among every member of the College. The plan also identifies specific responsibilities for those units and/or individuals best positioned and suited to carry out them out.

All College employees and students are responsible for:

  1. Participating in training programs provided by the College.
  2.  Maintaining an awareness of health and safety hazards.
  3. Planning and conducting activities in accordance with the chemical hygiene plan.
  4. Consulting reference materials, including MSDS sheets, related to chemical safety.
  5. Reporting accidents, injuries, unsafe practices and conditions or other concerns to supervisors and administrative staff.

The College Chemical Hygiene Plan is available employees through the College internal website. Additional questions related to chemical hygiene may be directed to the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety or the Director of Plant Operations.

(approved July 16, 2018)