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Risk Management and Insurance

Section 6.L – Risk Management and Insurance

Risk management includes all policies and practices designed to reduce or eliminate losses experienced by the College. These losses arise from injury or damage to property and include legal liability imposed upon the College when the injury or damage has been caused, at least in part, by the College or its employees.

All employees of the College are responsible for ensuring that College programs, activities, and policies are administered in a manner that considers the risk of loss or injury. College administrators will work closely with employees, students, parents, and all community partners to provide a safe and secure educational and work environment for all.

The College will maintain a comprehensive risk management program to include:

  • risk management and loss control,
  • health and safety programs and employee safety training,
  • emergency response preparedness,
  • environmental management,
  • life safety management, insurance programs,
  • workers’ compensation administration,
  • hazardous materials/waste management, and
  • motor fleet management

(approved July 16, 2018)