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Quality in Distance, Online, and Hybrid Learning

Section 4.T – Quality in Distance, Online, and Hybrid Learning

Vance-Granville Community College is committed to offering quality educational programs in all delivery methodologies. Distance, hybrid and online learning provide unique challenges and opportunities to serve students. To this end, VGCC complies with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) standards for quality online courses, as well as SACSCOC guidelines for reporting of distance education. VGCC will secure authorization from states that require educational institutions to be legally authorized in their state prior to offering online/ distance education programs/courses to students residing in that state. Authorization must be secured for both curriculum and continuing education students. Authorization must be secured for faculty who teach online. All distance, hybrid and online courses must be coordinated through the Center for Teaching and Learning prior to delivery. All academic departments are responsible for being knowledgeable and following VGCC’s Program Development and Review Policy as well.

(approved July 16, 2018)

Procedure for Compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and State Authorization:

The Center for Teaching and Learning is charged with ensuring compliance with all state authorization requirements for Vance-Granville Community College through the following steps:

  1. Act as the clearinghouse to assist academic units that offer online/distance education programs or courses to students residing in other states to obtain authorization in those states as necessary.
  2. Monitor and maintain information related to other states’ post-secondary authorization requirements.
  3. Maintain point of contact information for each state’s authorization agency/agencies, Regional Compacts, and SARA-NC and correspond with points of contacts as necessary.
  4. Gather data and track enrollment of out-of-state students in Vance-Granville’s online/distance education courses delivered by online/distance delivery in conjunction with Admissions and Records and Registrar.
  5. Complete the authorization process for the required state or states
  6. Establish and monitor renewal cycles for states from which authorization has been obtained in conjunction with the Research and Planning Department.
  7. Provide website updates to the College webmaster on how to file a complaint with accrediting agencies and relevant state approval authorities that US Department of Education requires to be available to students on the Vance-Granville website.
  8. Maintain Vance-Granville’s presence in the SREB Electronic Campus.
  9. Keep current regarding federal revisions of stated authorization regulations and progress of adoption of the national reciprocity agreement (SARA) in conjunction with the Financial Aid Department.
  10. Retain and update information needed to determine eligibility in states and to complete authorization requests as necessary.
  11. Maintain a database of out-of-state students enrolled in Vance-Granville’s online/distance education programs/ courses with assistance from the Planning and Research Department.
  12. Maintain a database of out-of-state instructors as reported by the Human Resources Department
  13. Notify the Division of Finance and Operations/Business Office for processing payment (if necessary) of fees required for state authorization in any state from which the need for authorization arises