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Professional Development

Section 3.P – Professional Development

The College agrees that meaningful professional development for both in-service and external opportunities includes:

  1. A focus on helping to achieve student learning goals and supporting student learning need
  2. Employees and supervisors collaboratively planning and implementing development activities and outcomes
  3. A direct connection to the institutional missions and goals
  4. An ongoing commitment by the employee and the College
  5. Documentation of activity outcomes
  6. Financial support by the institution

Each employee should assume initiative for their own professional development needs within their professional development annual plan. The College will sponsor on-campus seminars and courses, support travel for off-campus experiences within the limits of available resources, and consider educational leave to accommodate needs.


  • The professional development year runs from July 1 to June 30. Activities are planned during the annual evaluation session. Employees should be prepared to discuss targeted activities and expected measurable outcomes with their supervisor during the annual evaluation.
  • Activities listed may be specific or general. Specific activities may include identified conferences, workshops and return-to-industry opportunities. General activities may include broader areas for improvement or expansion, such as software, leadership, or diversity training.