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Political Activities of Employees

Section 3.S – Political Activities of Employees

The Board of Trustees encourages all employees to exercise their rights and obligations of citizenship provided by the U.S. Constitution and the laws of North Carolina. To ensure proper exercise of these rights and obligations, established criteria must be met when considering either elected or appointed public office.

Pursuant to State Board of Community Colleges Code 1C SBCCC 200.99,

  1. Employees who decide to run for public offices shall notify the board of trustees through the president of their intentions to run and certify that they will not campaign or otherwise engage in political activities during their regular work hours or involve the College in their political activities.
  2. Any employee, who is elected to a part-time public office, shall certify through the president to the board of trustees that the office will not interfere with his/her carrying out the duties of his/her position with the College, or request leave.
  3. Any employee, who is elected or appointed to a full-time public office or the General Assembly, shall be required to take a leave of absence without pay upon assuming that office. The length of the leave of absence shall be determined by the board of trustees.
  4. Any employee who becomes a candidate for public office shall be prohibited from soliciting support during regular work hours. The employee in question is prohibited from soliciting support on College property unless otherwise authorized by the board of trustees.

Furthermore, and consistent with G.S. 126.13, College employees may not engage in political activity during their work hours. (Employees may engage in political activity outside of their college work hours or duties.) Employees may not use the authority of their position or College resources to support or oppose any candidate, party, or issue in an election.

(approved November 20, 2023