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Mobile Devices

Section 5.A – Mobile Devices

College mobile phones or other mobile devices may be provided to employees deemed to require them for business use based on one or more of the following: job function, duties, to enhance College efficiency, or while on required College travel.

Mobile telephone services, like other means of communication, are to be used to support College business within job assignments or duties. Employees will not use mobile devices for illegal, disruptive, unethical or unprofessional activities, or for personal gain, or for any purpose that violates College policies or that would jeopardize the legitimate interests of Vance-Granville Community College.

Support for employee-owned mobile devices will be provided by the employee’s service or device provider. If you wish to purchase a smart-phone with “native” support for synchronizing with the College’s email system, ask your service provider for options that support “over-the-air” connectivity to Office 365.

(approved July 16, 2018)