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Library Collections

Section 5.L – Library Collections

The VGCC library provides materials, both print and non-print, in support of the college’s mission, its faculty and programs, and its diverse patron needs. Materials will not be withdrawn from the library collection because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval. Materials are selected in all formats. In no case is material to be excluded because of the race or nationality or the political or religious views of the author or producer.

The responsibility for collection development is shared by the library’s professional staff and the college’s faculty and staff. Faculty members in program areas are asked to evaluate their subject areas on a regular basis. Based on recommendations by library staff and faculty evaluations, new materials are added and outdated materials are removed. Funds are not strictly allocated among the various departments. Library patrons may recommend materials for purchase consideration. These must fall within established collection development guidelines for purchase and addition to the collection. The library director is responsible for all final selections.

Criteria for Material Selection

  1. Materials relevant to the educational programs of the institution.
  2. Faculty and staff recommendations
  3. Standard works in major fields of knowledge.
  4. Subject coverage within the library’s collection and the strength of present collection holdings
  5. Publications with opposing viewpoints on controversial subjects for the purpose of promoting involvement with contemporary events, counteracting parochialism, and developing critical thinking.
  6. Appropriate reading levels and academic rigor
  7. Textbooks only if they offer good reference value not otherwise available.
  8. Multiple copies for a single campus only under special circumstance and/or upon the documentation of need by an instructor
  9. Recommendations of library patrons.
  10. Reputation and significance of writer, producer, or vendor.
  11. The importance of the subject matter to the collection.
  12. Timeliness or permanence of the material.
  13. Reviews and bibliographies of materials.
  14. Price and availability of budget funds.

Textbooks currently used in courses taught by the college are not purchased by the library. Textbooks are only purchased for the library if the work is significant to the field of study or fills a need within the collection.

Duplicate copies for a single campus and bibliographies are not purchased unless there is an educational need for these items.

Expense of a material and the format of the material will be considered when purchasing materials. For items with high cost and limited use, interlibrary loans may be used. When electing the format of the material, cost, usability, and the length of expected use may
also be considered.

Lost or withdrawn items may be replaced if they are deemed important to the collection and meet the selection criteria as stated above.

The entire collection is examined on a continual basis by professional librarians with input from faculty and staff to identify materials that should be removed. Materials that are not needed by the library are withdrawn, and subsequently disposed of in accordance with the 1H SBCCC 400.2. The following categories of materials are removed from the collection:

  1. Materials in poor physical condition.
  2. Outdated materials
  3. Materials superseded by newer and revised editions.
  4. Unnecessary duplicate materials.
  5. Materials no longer of value to patrons of the library.
  6. Materials that an instructor requests to be removed.

(approved July 16, 2018)

(approved July 16, 2018)