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Learning Resource Centers/Library Services

Section 4.S – Learning Resource Centers/Library Services

The College provides learning resources to support and supplement teaching and learning. While resources are available to students and employees within various areas of the College, the Learning Resources Centers/Library Services coordinate and provide educational resources including books, databases, periodicals, audiovisual materials, virtual services, and technology equipment to support the mission and programs of study. The Learning Resources Center will ensure that adequate, consistent hours of services are maintained to serve students and services are provided that meet the needs of all campuses; updated information and services are provided on the College and LRC/library website; identification and library usage cards are available for students and employees as needed; educational resources support instruction and comply with requirements of accrediting agencies; librarians and other LRC staff collaborate with faculty in the development of resource collections; and resources are properly maintained and reviewed. The Learning Resources Center/Library Services includes materials, circulation, educational equipment, computing facilities, media production, audiovisual aids, bibliographical presentations, and support for program development and student educational needs. Patrons of the library must comply with the policies of VGCC and regulations established to maintain a conducive learning environment. Information related to hours of operation and code of conduct will be maintained on the Library Website.

(approved July 16, 2018)