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Information Security Technology

Section 5.N – Information Security Technology

All information, regardless of the form or format created, acquired, or used in support of Vance‐Granville Community College’s (VGCC) business and academic activities, must be used only for VGCC purposes. This information is an asset and must be protected from its creation, through its useful life, and to its authorized disposal. It must be maintained securely, accurately, reliably, and readily available for authorized use. Information must be classified and protected based on its importance to business activities, risks, and security best practices.

The College’s information and data is any piece of data or collection of data that pertains to the regular business and operation of the College. This includes all student and employee‐related information and College business and financial information.

The unauthorized modification, deletion, or disclosure of information included in VGCC data files and databases can compromise the integrity of VGCC, violate individual privacy rights, possibly constitute a criminal act, and is expressly forbidden.

The Office of Information Technology is charged with developing administrative policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures that implement information security and confidentiality practices consistent with this policy and end‐user responsibilities for the physical security of the equipment and the appropriate use of hardware, software, and technology facilities. In acknowledgment that these policies may not address all situations, the Office of Information Technology shall create an exceptions process to justify and document any deviations.

(approved March 18, 2024)