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Grading and Quality Point System

Section 4.Q – Grading and Quality Point System

Student academic standing shall be determined under the rules and regulations proposed by the faculty and approved by the President. Academic standing rules and regulations shall be published in the catalog and other College publications. A student may appeal a decision on academic standing. Instructors within a discipline should strive for consistency in evaluations and grading.

The College employs a letter grading system to evaluate student performance. Faculty have the academic freedom and responsibility to determine grades according to a method that is professionally acceptable, consistent across the academic department, communicated to all students and applied to all students equally. In the absence of a discipline-specific grading scale, the grade assigned will be based upon a 10-point scale. Grades for each subject will be converted to quality points. Students may contest a grade in accordance with the Academic Grievance Policy. Procedures and standards related to grading, including change of grade procedure and standards of progress, are published in the College Catalog.

(approved July 16, 2018)