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Financial Aid

Section 4.M – Financial Aid

The purpose of the Student Financial Aid Program is to assist students who have demonstrated a financial need and who, without receipt of such aid, would be unable to attend Vance-Granville Community College. Since the purpose of financial assistance is to supplement the resources of the student, the primary responsibility for meeting College expenses resides with the student and/or his family. Any monies awarded shall supplement, rather than replace, the resources available to the student. Financial aid shall be used by the recipient for expenses related to education (tuition, fees, books, travel). The College shall make every effort within the limitation of its available resources to provide financial aid assistance to qualified students.

A financial aid recipient must maintain satisfactory progress toward a specified diploma or degree and must meet the required criteria as defined by the College in order to continue to receive financial assistance from the College.

(approved July 16, 2018)


Refer to the following link regarding important information, procedures, and forms related to Financial Aid.