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Faculty Workload

Section 4.L – Faculty Workload

During the academic year, full-time faculty are expected to be on-campus for instructional and institutional activities such as teaching, advising, office hours, meetings, and events required by the College.

Full-time faculty primarily teaching lecture-based courses will have a teaching load of 18-21 contact hours per week. Full-time faculty primarily teaching a combination of lecture, lab, and team-teaching courses will have a load of 24-27 contact hours per week. Full-time instructors in non-credit programs will have a load of 30-33 credit hours per week. The workweek for all full- time employees including faculty and non-credit instructors consists of 40 hours of accountability to the College. Full-time faculty and instructors are expected to hold five office hours weekly with increased office hours during periods of orientation for employees and students, registration and advising. Faculty, Department Chair, and Program Head workloads may be adjusted up or down based on course enrollment, course delivery format, number of course preparations,student graduation requirements, and other factors affecting the viability of a course or schedule.

Adjunct faculty or part-time instructor teaching loads may vary but should not exceed 18 contact hours weekly unless approved by the academic dean and vice president.

Offload Contracts for Full-time Faculty

An Offload contract may be provided to full-time faculty who, if teaching lecture-basedcourses has 21 contact hours per week or if teaching a combination of lecture, lab, and team-teaching courses has 27 contact hours per week, agrees to teach additional courses and/or sections.

Offload contracts for full-time faculty will be determined based upon several factors including the number of courses taught, number of course preparations, and number of students enrolled at the 10% date of the semester. Thus, offload contracts for full-time faculty will be awarded after the 10% point. Offload contracts must be approved by the Department Chair, Academic Dean, and Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement& Success.

(approved November 18, 2019)