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Donations, Gifts, and Bequests

Section 6.N – Donations, Gifts, and Bequests

The Vance-Granville Community College Board of Trustees may receive and accept donations, gifts, bequests, and the like and apply same for the purpose and upon the terms which the donor may prescribe and which are consistent with the provisions of the State Law and the regulations of the State Board of Community Colleges. The Board authorizes the President to direct: a) all fundraising efforts; and b) the receiving of gifts, donations, and bequests for and on behalf of the College including such efforts from all foundations and other organizations whose sole benefit is to support the mission of the College.

The President must approve any gift of real property before the College accepts it. The President or the President’s designee must determine any gift of real or personal property to be in the best interests of the College and review any restrictions or special interest made by the donor of the College. All employees should contact their supervisors and division vice president prior to indicating any acceptance of donation; and donations, gifts, and bequests generally will be coordinated through The Vance-Granville Community College Foundation, Inc. office.

The donor is solely responsible for determining the tax benefits resulting from the donation and College personnel are not to place a monetary value on the donated property or gift.

(approved July 16, 2018)