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Advisory Committees

Section 4.J – Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees are comprised of community, business, and other lay persons. These committees are advisory in nature and serve to inform, review, and support the College’s programs and services. The Board of Trustees shall provide feedback annually on committee membership.

(approved November 18, 2019)


  • Proposed membership lists, as recommended by faculty and staff from each program, must be submitted annually for review to the Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement & Success through the appropriate Dean.
  • Appointments for membership are for three (3) year terms with one-third of the membership rotating off each year. The Advisory Committee Handbook contains the membership guidelines, appointment of members, offices responsibilities, role and function of an advisory committee and samples format for agendas, minutes, and recommendations.
  • The handbook can be viewed on the internal website.
  • Advisory Committees must meet at least once annually.
  • Minutes of the meetings should be forwarded to the appropriate Dean and the Office of Planning and Research. Recommendations made by the advisory committees are incorporated into the annual planning process.