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Nursing is a career that combines both art and science. Nurses directly care for patients and their families in a variety of settings. While nursing is a highly-sought after career by many, those that are most likely to be successful choose nursing because they care about and want to help others.

Nurses must possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities. They must be knowledgeable about disease processes that impact patients across the entire lifespan. They have to perform technical skills such as intravenous catheter insertion. They also need to be able to empathize with patients and families to understand what they are going through. Nurses will see life begin with the birth of a baby and will be with patients as they take their last breath.

While nurses commonly work in the hospital or acute care setting, there are many other settings nurses can work in such as long term care facilities, schools, clinics or doctor’s offices, correctional institutions, mental health care facilities, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers. No matter where a nurse works, the goal is to provide safe quality care in a manner that demonstrates respect for persons and their individual needs.

The VGCC Nursing programs prepare students for a career in nursing by providing instruction in the classroom, SimLab, and clinical settings. Students practice skills that will be used in clinical in the SimLab first using manikins and other equipment. Students also participate in clinical simulation in the SimLab in which scenarios that the student may encounter as a nurse are created using high-fidelity manikins and equipment. Each semester, students are assigned a clinical rotation in which they provide care to patients and their families in different settings under the guidance of an RN clinical instructor or preceptor. Students participate in clinical in all of the following areas: medical-surgical; mother-baby; pediatrics; mental health; and community health. Our clinical sites include local agencies such as Maria Parham Health, Granville Health Systems, and the Granville-Vance Health Department, as well as large teaching hospitals such as Duke University Health System and UNC Hospitals.

The ADN program is a selective admission program and therefore has it’s own admission process in addition to the college application.  Students are advised to apply early!

There are two deadlines to be aware of in the admission process.  A college application must be complete by the end of January of the desired admission year.  Students completing college applications as of February 1st, will be eligible for the following year’s admission.  Once a college application has been completed, an Eligibility Checklist is due at the end of March and will be completed with a pre-health advisor.

Start communicating with a pre-health advisor today! Please email a pre-health advisor below to set up an appointment to discuss the admission process.  You can meet with a pre-health advisor at a campus that is closest to you. 

Main Campus: Tonya Waddle  waddlet@vgcc.edu 252-738-3317

South Campus: Seletha Pherribo pherribos@vgcc.edu 252-738-3518

Franklin Campus: Veta Pierce-Cappetta piercev@vgcc.edu  252-738-3603

Note: Health Insurance is required for all students enrolled in the Nursing Programs.  It is recommended that students obtain Health Insurance prior to being accepted into the program as the Open Enrollment Dates do not correlate with our admission dates.  Students without health insurance at the start of the program will be unable to remain enrolled in the program.  For information on obtaining health insurance, please see the Resources tab.