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Human Services Technology/Gerontology

Human Services Technology Gerontology track is a two-year Associate degree program that prepares students to specialize in direct service delivery work to older adults and their families. The program consists of 70-71 credit hours and two semesters of internship at approved sites. The internship (also known as Work-Based Learning) requirements are explained in more detail in the Work-Based Learning Packet. Work-Based Learning can be completed in two different ways. Students can take WBL 111 and complete 160 hours of internship in one semester and a subsequent semester take WBL 121 and complete another 160 hours or students can take WBL 112 and complete ALL 320 internship hours in one semester. When doing either WBL 111 or WBL 112, students also take WBL 115 Work-Based Learning Seminar.

Students take courses in a variety of disciplines including gerontology, psychology and sociology as well as general education requirements such as English, humanities and computer science. The program is designed to prepare students for jobs in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and Department of Social Services senior services.

The VGCC Human Services Technology Program is Nationally accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Services Education.

Degree Level Option: Substance Abuse
Degree Level Option: Human Services