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Institutional Effectiveness

Section 5.M – Institutional Effectiveness

Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) is committed to the processes of on-going assessment and data informed decision-making, conducted with the overall goal of continuous improvement. As a guide in determining the future direction of the institution and improving the quality of its educational offerings and support services, the College follows an institutional effectiveness model of continuous improvement. The Institutional Effectiveness Plan provides the College with an orderly process for defining and reassessing the College’s Mission Statement and strategic direction, which is based on data and evaluation where the needs of the students, faculty and the community are recognized and considered. As a result of this process, every employee has the opportunity to participate at multiple levels within the college’s organization of institutional effectiveness efforts.

(approved May 17, 2021)


Each unit of the college will complete annual strategies, outcomes-based planning and evaluation process that will:

  • Review and affirm the connection between the unit and institutional mission, goals, and outcomes
  • Document efforts made to effect continuous improvement consideration key indicators of performance conclusions reached and improvement made and supporting documentation
  • Each strategy will be reviewed by the division administrators and revised as necessary each year.

The Institutional Effectiveness Plan at VGCC is administered by the Office of Planning & Research made up of the Director of Planning & Research and the Coordinator of Institutional Research.

In addition, as a member of the North Carolina Community College System, the institution also participates in state-wide annual Performance Measures Assessment, utilizes this data in the institution’s strategic planning process, and benchmarks to other successful community colleges in the NC system.