Special / Visiting

Special / Visiting

Steps to Apply

Students not seeking a certificate, diploma, or associate degree may enroll as a special/visiting student for a maximum of 12 semester hours of credit.

01 – Apply for Admission

Complete an application for admission . Within the application, you will complete the residency process with the Residency Determination Service (RDS). You will receive a Residency Certification Number (RCN), which you should include in your application.

02 – Financial Aid

Students classified as special credit students are ineligible to receive most types of financial aid.

03 – Transcripts

Special credit student do not have to submit transcripts for courses that do not have prerequisites. Visit the transcripts FAQ page for more information.

If a course has prerequisites that you have completed at another college, you must submit an official transcript to verify courses completed.

Official transcripts must be submitted via an electronic transcript service or mailed in a sealed envelope. NOTE: Faxed and/or emailed transcripts are not considered official.

Submit official transcripts to records@vgcc.edu or mail to:

VGCC Admissions
PO Box 917
Henderson, NC 27536

04 – Determine Placement Testing

Vance-Granville employs North Carolina RISE (Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence) and NCCCS recommendations. Students enrolling for the first time at VGCC who have graduated from a United States High School, (have successfully completed Math 2 or its equivalent, and have a valid high school GPA) will be placed into gateway English and Math courses using their unweighted high school grade point average (GPA). Placement will be determined using the following criteria:

  • Students with a 2.8 unweighted High School Grade Point Average or higher will be eligible to go directly into their required gateway courses with no required corequisite.
  • Students with a 2.2-2.79 unweighted GPA will be eligible to go directly into their required gateway courses with a corequisite.
  • Students with 2.199 or lower unweighted GPA will be enrolled in a one semester transition English and one semester transition Math course.
  • High school graduates who did not successfully complete Math 2 or its equivalent while in high school will be enrolled in a one semester transition English course and one semester transition Math course.

05 – Meet with an Academic Advisor

Meet with an Academic Advisor virtually or at any campus location. Once you have been advised, be sure to register for classes, finalize financial aid or pay tuition, then purchase books and be ready for classes to start. You’re a Vanguard!

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