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CCP Policies & Procedures

Advanced Placement Credit

In order to receive credit for AP tests, a student must earn a score of 3 or higher and have an official score report sent to Vance Granville Community College. In addition, the student must send an official high school transcript showing that the corresponding AP course was completed. For more information on AP credit, please visit the College Board website (Vance Granville Community College).

Conduct & Grading Policy

Students of all College programs, including Career and College Promise, will be expected to conduct themselves at all times as mature and responsible individuals and should show a high regard for College facilities, property, and for the personal rights and property of others. The classroom provides a place for learning and the exchange of ideas. The appropriate environment must exist that includes respect, civility, and common courtesy. Infractions of basic classroom rules will typically be addressed by our instructor; however, these infractions may be referred for formal disciplinary sanctions up to and including suspension.

Final grades for all VGCC courses will be updated and available to the students via their myVGCC account. Grades will be recorded in letter format: A, B, C, D, F, and W. Letter grades only will be issued for all official VGCC documentation (i.e. myVGCC, transcript, etc.). To receive a grade report at the end of the semester, Counselors can contact the VGCC Registrar using their official county schools email to request the grades, Counselors will need to provide the student’s full name and date of birth to obtain the report.

Withdrawal Procedure

A student, who is considering withdrawal, will first talk with their course instructor and the high school counselor. Considerations should be given to satisfactory academic progress, which may impact GPA and future financial aid eligibility, as well as other areas possibly impacted by withdrawal (i.e. athletic eligibility, high school GPA, etc.).

If, after speaking with the course instructor and the high school counselor, the student elects to withdraw, the student will need to:

  1. Email the instructor, using the student’s official VGCC Email account, to request withdrawal,
  2. Copy the college advisor and the high school counselor on the email, and
  3. Take other action(s) as described by the high school counselor or designated representative.

Textbook/Tuition Statement

Although course tuition is provided at no charge to students through the Career and College Promise program, required textbook and course material costs are not provided by Vance Granville Community College. Students are responsible for acquiring their own textbooks and other course materials.

However, in some cases, local school systems may be able to provide or assist students with obtaining textbooks and/or course materials. Where this practice may exist, it is subject to change at the discretion of the provider. Students are encouraged to check with their high school counselor for the most up-to-date information regarding textbook and course material acquisitions/responsibilities. To identify and/or purchase the required course materials, visit the VGCC Bookstore.

Continuation and Completion Information

A College Transfer Pathway student may complete the AA/AS/AFA/AATP/ASTP pathway and then continue towards completion of the AA/AS/AFA/AATP/ASTP degree, with special approval. A Career and Technical Education Pathway student may be awarded a certificate or diploma prior to high school graduation. A student may complete the CTE certificate or diploma and then continue towards completion of the AAS, with special approval.

Students who complete all their Associate degree or Diploma requirements by the required dates established by the college are eligible to participate in the college’s graduation ceremony. You can find the required graduation fee and application information on the Graduation Information page.

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