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CCP Forms

CCP Eligibility Form

The eligibility form includes general information about the student, the student’s pathway choice(s), student and parent signatures, GPA, and high school transcript*. This form is required for each CCP student.

High School Transcript must include, student grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, and/or 12th), high school courses completed and in progress, and unweighted, cumulative high school GPA.

NOTE: The total number of credits on the high school transcript does not replace the requirement of the student’s grade level to be listed on the high school transcript.

CCP Registration Form

The registration form includes the courses the student plans on taking in the upcoming term. It is important that students complete this form with their school counselor. This form is required for each CCP student each semester.

Note: Steps 1-12 under “Steps to completing the registration form” are to be completed by the student. The remaining steps are to be completed by the high school counselor/designee.

CCP Special Permission Form

This form may or may not be required. This form is to be completed by the high school Principal, Counselor or designee, only if special circumstances apply.

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