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Vance-Granville + Achieving the Dream = Success


VGCC has partnered with Achieving the Dream (ATD), an organization that helps college students be successful by adding bold, large scale improvements to our current success strategies. As a part of our work with ATD, we’ve learned that many of our students face unique challenges that make it harder to succeed. We believe in providing our students with equitable support to reach their educational and personal goals as they advance through their career pathway to achieve a livable wage. ATD has helped us to analyze the data, examine equity issues, and organize efforts to help our population of students who need different support.

ATD Action Plan

Guided Pathways:

We are improving policies and procedures that make the process of earning CE (Continuing Education) to CU (Curriculum) credits easier. In addition, we are working to update our website so as you explore your career opportunities, you see the endless possibilities and stackable credential options.


Faculty and staff members will continue to document and provide early alerts and intervention for math performance. The goal is to improve academic performance and prevent withdrawals.


We’re taking a look at the entire college experience and discovering new ways we can provide you with additional support.

Goal 1: Pathway/Pipeline

  • What does this look like at VGCC?
    • VGCC is a member of NC Guided Pathways to Success Cohort B through NCCCS
    • The team continues to attend training to organize pathways that will help remove barriers and maximize education that leads to employment

Goal 2: Math Progression

  • What does this look like at VGCC?
    • VGCC has established online teaching and learning sessions
    • The College has partnered with Quality Matters and The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to enhance student centered teaching strategies and digital learning environments.
    • The Academic Success Center is offering online tutoring directly through Moodle. The tutors are making regular virtual classroom visits and reaching out to each math student individually to offer help. Students who score below a 75% on their first test are automatically paired with tutoring services.

Goal 3: Retention & Equity

  • What does this look like at VGCC?
    • The College began using AVISO retention, a tool that helps with early identification of students who need intervention for success.
    • The College established the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) Committee and the VGCC’s Initiative on Equity for Women of Color (V.I.E.W) , along with Aunt Bertha (local resource finder) and the Student Assistance Program (Free, confidential help for personal, work-related, and family concerns) to continue the work ahead in building more equitable outcomes for our students.