Program Overview

Bioprocess Technology
Degree Level 
Program head 
Lyon, Stewart

The VGCC Bioprocess Technology Program will prepare men and women to work as process technicians in biological products manufacturing facilities. Some possible jobs include mixing chemicals to make cancer drugs, formulating medical and cosmetic creams and DNA testing kits.

Graduates will complete a two year Associates of Applied Science degree and may work for local companies such as Iams, Novozymes, Revlon and Bayer. Graduates will help attract economic growth to Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Warren counties as companies desire to open and expand in the area with a well-trained workforce.

First year courses include basics such as biology, chemistry, college algebra and computers, as well as industrial courses in bioprocessing., biochemistry and industrial environment. The first summer and subsequent semester of the program include a cooperative work experience in a local biotechnology company. The second year includes specialized courses in industrial bioprocessing, research and reporting and statistical quality control.

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Program Options
Day - All Courses
Evening - Some Courses
Online - Most Courses
Credential Offered For This Program
Associate in Applied Science
# of Courses
# of Credit Hours
Selective/Special Admissions: No


Skills Needed   Typical Job Duties   Work Locations   Personality Traits
Attention to detail
Works well in a team
Able to work with hands
Written and oral
communication skills
  Handle biologically &
chemically hazardous goods

Review batch records and GMP documentation

Validate protocol execution

Monitor microorganism growth

Execute purification protocols

Assemble, set-up and
disassemble production
  Pharmaceutical companies

QA/QC labs

Biofuel facilities

Industrial, chemical/
biological producers
Related Job Titles   Related VGCC Majors   N.C. Salary Ranges   More Information
Manufacturing Associate
QA/QC Specialist
Associate Technologist
Associate Manufacturing
  Associate in Applied Science   PRODUCTION:
Low (10%)
$11.63/hour, or $24,910/year
Median (50%)
$15.94/hour, or $33,100/year
High (90%)
$18.10/hour, or $37,640/year
Low (10%)
$14.40/hour, or $29,960/year
Median (50%)
$21.15/hour, or $44,000/year
High (90%)
$24.53/hour, or $51,010/year


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Lyon, Stewart