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How Aid is Disbursed

The financial aid application process may take four weeks or longer during peak application periods prior to the beginning of the term.  Once a student’s FAFSA has been received, the Financial Aid Office will send a notification to his/her VGCC email account.  Students may also view their financial aid information in  myVGCC .  Students who complete the application process and receive award notifications prior to VGCC’s published tuition deadline may have their tuition and fees deducted from their grant or scholarship award(s).

Once aid has been awarded and posted in myVGCC, tuition and fees are deducted from financial aid first.  Please note that under federal guidelines, financial aid will only pay for courses required for a student’s program of study.  Any remaining (or excess) aid may be used to purchase books and supplies in the college bookstore.  Students should view the Bookstore website for the dates to purchases books with financial aid.

Attendance verification is required prior to the disbursement of federal and state aid.  If grant awards are approved too late for the registration process, students will receive their grant(s) at a designated point in the term after acceptable attendance verification is collected by the Student Services division.

Federal and state aid award amounts are determined in part by a student’s enrollment status and are not the same for all students.  Awards are subject to be reduced if a student drops courses, fails to attend through the published census date(s), or is dropped from class for nonattendance.

A student’s award letter, viewable in myVGCC, indicates the estimated amount of aid at a full-time enrollment status.  The actual amount of aid disbursed may be different than what is indicated on the award letter.  This may be due to an enrollment status below full-time, taking courses not required for the student’s program of study, withdrawing from classes prior to the census date, or not attending classes.

Below is a chart of estimated award amounts for students enrolled part-time (less than full-time):

Enrollment Status Federal Pell Grant NC Community College Grant NC Education Lottery Scholarship
9 to 11 credit hours 75% of full-time Pell Grant award 75% of full-time NCCC Grant award 50% of full-time NCELS award
6 to 8 credit hours 50% of full-time Pell Grant award 50% of full-time NCCC Grant award 50% of full-time NCELS award
1 to 5 credit hours 25% of full-time Pell Grant award Not Eligible for award Not Eligible for award

After a student’s tuition, fees and any bookstore purchases have been paid with financial aid and/or scholarships, a student will be mailed a check (or refund) for any excess aid.  The check will be mailed to the address on file with the  Records Office .  If a student’s address changes, it needs to be updated immediately.  If students are unsure of what address is on file, they can check My Profile in myVGCC.   Below are the anticipated dates for the first disbursement of financial aid:

FALL Semester SPRING Semester SUMMER Semester
Mid to Late September Mid to Late February Mid to Late June

**Late or additional financial aid refunds will be mailed approximately every 2 – 3 weeks after the semester’s first disbursement of aid is processed.