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How Aid is Disbursed

VGCC offers 16-week classes and two 8-week classes each Fall and Spring term. VGCC offers an 8-week and two 4-week classes each Summer term. Student enrollment is reviewed two times per semester: once in the first 8 -week term (or 4-week, if summer) and a second time in the second 8-week term (or second 4-week if summer). For example, if you are enrolled in two 3-credit hour classes for the first eight weeks and two 3-credit hour classes for the second eight weeks, your aid will be part-time for both terms, which will total a full-time disbursement for the semester. The amount disbursed will be based on the enrollment for that that term and any adjustments made to enrollment prior to the student’s census date.

Any classes dropped prior to the census date reduce enrollment. This may cause an overpayment if aid has already been disbursed. Classes not attended second 8-weeks also impact financial aid eligibility for the semester.

** Please contact Financial Aid prior to dropping to determine the impact on your aid.**

Charges eligible to be taken directly from eligible Financial Aid award amounts in order they will be applied:

  1. Tuition/fees
  2. All additional fees, as allowed (some fees cannot be paid by financial aid directly)
  3. Bookstore charges
  4. Vanguard Buck purchases

If a student’s address changes, it needs to be updated immediately. If students are unsure of the address on file, they can check My Profile in their myVGCC.

Below are the anticipated dates for the financial aid disbursements:

Disbursement for 16-week and first 8-week courses (for Summer, first 4-week courses):

  • Fall: Mid-to-late September
  • Spring: Mid-to-late February
  • Summer: Mid-to-late June

Disbursement for 2nd 8-week courses (for Summer, second 4-week courses):

  • Fall: Mid-to-late November
  • Spring: Mid-to-late April
  • Summer: Mid-to-late July

Late or additional financial aid refunds will be mailed approximately every 2-3 weeks after the semester’s first disbursement of aid is processed.

Class Term Fall 2024 Census Dates
First 8-week/16 week only Monday, August 26
Second 8-week Tuesday October 22 (even if in combination with 16 - week classes and/or first 8-week classes)
MAIN CAMPUS - Henderson
(252) 738-3280