Coned – Cardiovascular (EKG) Technician

Program Overview

This course is designed and approved to prepare the student to become a certified EKG (ECG) Technician/Monitor. The course will cover the anatomy and physiology of the heart, principles of EKG, dysrhythmia recognition of sinus, junctional/atrial rhythms, heart blocks and bundle branches and ventricular ectopy rhythms. Skills will include operating EKG equipment, running, and mounting strips as well as reading and interpreting 22 types of cardiac lead tracings produced from 12 and five lead monitors and to understand the basics of EKG as it relates to heart function.

After the student completes their training at VGCC, the student can earn their National EKG Technician Certification.


High School Diploma (or equivalent diploma)


$180 tuition + fees and textbook

Textbook Information

Title: The Complete Guide for the EKG Technician
ISBN: 978-1-60425-107-4
Cost: $ 36.50+ tax (new)
Textbooks can be purchased at the VGCC Bookstores on the Main Campus or online at the VGCC Bookstore website .

Uniform Requirements

Uniforms are required and consists of a black scrub top and a black scrub bottom. Specifics will be discussed on the first day of class.

Coordinator, Occupational Healthcare Programs
MAIN CAMPUS - Henderson
(252) 738-3366