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Since 1999, the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges has adopted performance measures for accountability. The list of performance measures focuses primarily on student success and serves as one of the college’s accountability tools.

In 2010, President Scott Ralls appointed members of a Performance Measures Committee to review the current performance measures and recommend changes to the State Board of Community Colleges. These changes were approved by the State Board in 2011 and the General Assembly in 2012. The Performance Measures Committee was established to develop new performance‑ based student success measures to go in effect in 2013. During the development of these new measures, it was determined that it was
important to establish a three-year review process to ensure the measures and methods for evaluating colleges were current and remained focused on improving student success. A Performance Measures Adjustment Committee was appointed to review the current set of measures and recommend deletions, revisions, and additions.

The chart below includes each of the seven current performance measures presented to the State Board in March 2015, the system-wide “excellence level” and “baseline” for each measure (based on the prior three years of historical data), the community college system’s performance as a whole, and VGCC’s performance for that measure. These measures were approved by the State Board and adopted by the General Assembly in 2016 through Section 10.1 of S.L2016-94.

The information listed is the most recent data available. Additional information on performance measures and other accountability factors is available in Vance‑Granville Community College’s Office of Planning and Research.


Performance Measures System Excellence Level System Baseline System Total % VGCC Achievement
A – Basic Skills Progress 50.6% 24.2% 39.9% 39.6%
B – Credit English Success 66.6% 40.1% 61.7% 67.4%
C – Credit Math Success 46.2% 19.5% 41.5% 31.8%
D – First Year Progression 71.9% 56.6% 67.2% 68.2%
E – Curriculum Completion Rate Index 52.7% 34.1% 47.6% 43.4%
F – Licensure Passing Index (See Licensure Table Below for Individual Licensure Rate) 1.07% 0.79% 1.00 0.90
G – College Transfer Performance 89.4% 74.4% 85.9% 88.3%
Licensure VGCC Achievement
BLET 1.06
Detention Officer *
Cosmetology 0.97
Cosmetology Apprentice 1.00
Cosmetology Instructor *
Manicurist *
EMT 1.18
EMT‑P 0.74
Practical Nursing 0.84
Registered Nursing 0.98
Radiography 0.96

*Less than 5 students at Vance-Granville took this exam during the year reported

Source: North Carolina Community College System website: https://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/ . See State Performance Measures for Student Success Report for detailed analysis of this data & methodologies.