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WBL for Instructors

Faculty Coordinators work directly with students who are interested or enrolled in a work-based learning (WBL) class. Both full-time and part-time instructors can serve as Faculty Coordinators, and work collaboratively to support the student and employer.

Faculty Coordinator responsibilities include:student, instructor, and employer going over paperwork for the WBL opportunity

  • Determining if a student meets the program’s eligibility requirements;
  • Approving the student’s Workplace Learning Application;
  • Recommending employer worksites based on students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities;
  • Reviewing Job Description;
  • Conducting at least one employer visit before the semester ends;
  • Reviewing the workbook and assigning a grade;
  • Submitting paperwork in a timely manner and adhering to NCCCS regulations;
  • Promoting the benefits of work-based learning/co-op to both students and employers.