WBL for Employers

What is Work-Based Learning (WBL)?

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a great opportunity for employers to develop employable skills and competencies in potential employees. While providing work experience, employers can train students for future employment opportunities.

Benefits for Employers

welding student on a job site with instructor and employer

  • Exposure to skilled and motivated potential future employees.
  • Improve employee retention.
  • Reduce training/recruitment costs.
  • Development opportunities for a current workforce.
  • Development of new projects with student assistance.
  • Collaborate with college to ensure students receive.
  • Enhance community relations.

Employer Responsibilities

The employer’s and worksite supervisor’s responsibilities include:

  • Adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Provide instruction in the competencies identified in the curriculum and document the student’s progress.
  • Conduct progress reviews with the student school personnel) and provide copies of those reviews to the school.
  • Provide the minimum of hours required based on course credit assigned.
  • Provide an orientation of the student to the rules, regulations, written policies, dress code, company expectations, and/or other important information necessary to employees. This includes background checks, drug testing, and other standard procedures required of all new employees.

Employers should review the Department of Labor’s fact sheet regarding unpaid internships in the for-profit sector. The Workplace Learning department cannot determine if a business is in compliance with the Department of Labor guidelines.

Questions? Call (252) 738-3609 or (252) 738-3627 for more information.

Join the WBL Employers List

If you are an employer who would like to provide a learning environment for a VGCC WBL student, please complete the WBL Employer Request form (Fillable PDF).

Student Accident Insurance Plan (Liabilities)

culinary student in a workplace kitchen

For the students of the N.C. Community and Technical Colleges, this insurance program provides coverage to all registered and enrolled students for covered injuries sustained while the insured student is:

  1. Participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school except for play and/or practice of intercollegiate sports;
  2. Traveling during such activities as a member of a group on transportation furnished or arranged by the school; or
  3. Traveling directly to or from the insured’s home premises and the site of such activities.

Please request a copy of the Student Accident Insurance Plan (“insurance plan”) for further information, provisions, and exclusions covered by the insurance plan.

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