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Medical Office Administration

Program Description

Medical office administration is a dynamic and rewarding career field for individuals who are interested in helping others and being a part of the critical and growing healthcare industry in a support role to ensure the office runs efficiently and smoothly.

Medical administrative jobs range in responsibility, skill, and knowledge levels from entry-level to management positions. The different curriculum options for the Medical Office Administration (MOA) program at VGCC from multiple certificates to the AAS degree, serve to equip students with an arsenal of skills and knowledge to carry out the duties of medical administration  including patient appointment scheduling, patient check-in/out, creating and managing electronic health records, medical coding and billing, along with healthcare customer service, and triaging appointments, in addition to general administrative and clerical responsibilities.

In addition to the variety of jobs available in medical office administration, there is also a broad range of locations in which to work such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories, insurance companies, call centers, medical billing clearing houses, medical supply companies, and other healthcare organizations.

All options for this program are available online with supportive and professional faculty. Completion of the various MOA programs will prepare students to take industry certification exams.

  • CEHRS – Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
  • CMAA – Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
  • CPC – Certified Professional Coder
  • CBCS – Certified Billing & Coding Specialist
  • MOS – Microsoft Office Certifications
A.A.S., B.S., M.B.A.
Program Head, Office/Medical Office Administration
MAIN CAMPUS - Henderson
(252) 738-3352

Program Details

Discover the specifics of our programs, including required courses, course sequence, pathways, and learning outcomes.

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to use a variety of office technology.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and utilize the required skills and technical information necessary in assisting office administrators.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a variety of business documents using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in an acceptable business format.
  4. Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize various records management methods in storing and retrieving information.
  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of accepted ethical behavior and interpersonal skills that reflect an understanding of diversity and the need for teamwork.
  6. Students will demonstrate communication skills that include the ability to read, comprehend and analyze information; and to express ideas effectively through written and oral communications.
  7. Students will utilize critical thinking skills to solve problems and facilitate task and project completion.
  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic bookkeeping principles and computation skills for analyzing, recording and reporting financial data.
  9. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of medical terminology for practical application in an administrative capacity in a medical setting.
  10. Students will demonstrate an understanding of medical front office concepts and procedures.
  11. Students will demonstrate an understanding of current medical legal and ethical issues.

Students enrolled in pre-approved continuing education training courses may request awarded credit in corresponding curriculum programs. They must first register, pay, and pass the continuing education course with a grade of satisfactory. In order to request awarded credit, the student must be enrolled in the corresponding curriculum program.

The credit will be awarded by the appropriate department with a grade of “PR”, Credit for Prior Learning. The credit hours of the course will count toward graduation at VGCC but may not transfer to other colleges or universities.

For a more comprehensive list of Continuing Education courses and their corresponding curriculum programs, please visit Approved CE to CU Prior Learning Credits.

Approved Prior Learning Equivalencies

CE Course Taken Equivalent CU Course Credit Hours Awarded Effective Date
CIS 3100 Computer Basics, 6.4 CEUs CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3 October 26, 2020
CIS 3100E MOS PowerPoint, 6.4 CEUs CIS 162 MM Presentation Software 3 October 26, 2020
CET 3100A CompTIA A+, 8 CEUs CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support 3 March 7, 2016
CIS 3100D MOS Excel, 6.4 CEUs CTS 130 Spreadsheet 3 October 26, 2020
OST 3100 AP MOS Access, 8 CEUs DBA 110 Database Concepts 3 March 30, 2021
OSC 3602 MOS Word, 4.8 CEUs OST 131 Keyboarding 2 May 20, 2017
MED 3235 Medical Office Terminology 9.6 CEUs OST 141 Medical Terminology 1
OST 142 Medical Terminology 2
6 March 31, 2021
OST 3100AO MOS Word, 6.4 CEUs OST 136 Word Processing 3 October, 2020
OSC 3030 Healthcare Billing & Coding, 18 CEUs OST 148 Medical Ins & Billing 3 April 24, 2017
AMC 3015 Medical Coding, 16 CEUs OST 248 Diagnostic Coding
OST 247 Procedure Coding
6 September 7, 2022
OSC 3006 Medical Office Assistant, 6.6 CEUs OST 161 Medical Office Procedures 3 November 9, 2022
OST 2800 Electronic Health Records, 7 CEUs OST 280 Electronic Health Records 3 February 12, 2019
CSC 3110AB Computer Programming, 8 CEUs CSC 121 Python Programming 3 November 2, 2021
CSC 3118 Swift Programming, 8 CEUs CSC 118 Swift Programming 3 April 6, 2022