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About the Office of Public Safety

Location and Primary Contact

The VGCC Security Division is located in Building 8 and in Building 2 on the Main Campus. You can contact campus police/security at (252) 738-3373, or ext. 3373 from any CISCO IP phone. You may also contact them by picking up any Red Phone located throughout the main campus.

In the event of an emergency dial 911, or security at (252) 738-3373.

Authority of Campus Police

The VGCC Campus Police Department is a fully sanctioned law enforcement agency dedicated to protect the life and property of students, employees and visitors of VGCC. Sworn officers have full powers of arrest pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 115D-21.1 and enforce all federal, local and state laws as well as certain college policies.

Authority of Security

College Security personnel are not sworn law enforcement officers. They do however have the obligation to enforce all college policies and regulations regarding safety and security. In the performance of their duties, security personnel can:

  • Ask persons for identification to ensure persons have lawful business on-campus.
  • Issue parking citations within the boundaries of the on-campus properties of the College
  • Serve as a designee (on behalf of a College Vice President) in determining the need of emergency removal of a student from College campus. An emergency is defined as a behavioral situation under which the continued presence of the student at the College poses a risk to persons or property or constitutes an ongoing disruption or threat of disruption of the academic process.
  • Assist students and employees with specialty services such as unlocking offices and classrooms and escorts at night.

Environmental Safety

The Office of Public Safety is also responsible for overseeing worker safety, OSHA required training, and for providing environmental protection for the college. If you have any questions or concerns regarding environmental safety you can contact security at (252) 738-3373.


VGCC Security Services is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all persons on campus. We will work in partnership with local authorities to identify and solve any problem that may exist within our four campuses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard all students, employees and visitors while on college property. The security division is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.

MAIN CAMPUS - Henderson
(252) 738-3373