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Electronic Health Records

Course Description

This online course will identify the key benefits of an electronic health record system (EHR). The material will emphasize the fundamental components, HER terminology, and their functions within a health care provider practice. Topics will include the development and standards for EHR, privacy and security issues, and technology/software associated with an electronic health record.

Online Course Information

In order to complete this online course, student will need access to a computer and internet. If assistance is needed, please contact the Director (see contact information).


$180 + fees and textbook

Textbook Information

*This textbook can be used for Healthcare Billing and Coding.*

Cengage Unlimited, 1 term (4 months), 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780357700006
Author: Cengage Unlimited

Textbook can be purchased at the VGCC Bookstores on the Main Campus or online at the VGCC Bookstore

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