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VGCC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

What is the Behavioral Intervention Team?

Vance-Granville Community College’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a group of campus professionals who respond to reports of disruptive or concerning behavior. The team consists of members from key campus areas.

Purpose of BIT

The purpose of the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is to provide an easy accessible way of communication for members of the College community who have come across student behavior which they may perceive as being dangerous, threatening or unusual. The College reserves the right to maintain a safe educational environment for our students, staff, and visitors. The BIT strives to promote a positive and supportive campus community. The Behavioral Intervention Team is not punitive. The focus of the team is care and concern for the individual.

What does BIT do?

  • Provides consultation and support to faculty, staff, administration, and students in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behavior.
  • Serves as the central point of contact for reporting problematic behavior.
  • Assesses threat and/or risk
  • Coordinates follow-up
  • Connects individuals with appropriate campus and community resources.

Report a Behavioral Concern (this will be a link to Maxient)

The BIT will determine if there have been additional warning signs or reasons for concern (such as code violations or classroom incidents), classify the level of threat, and develop a plan of action. Examples of action can include referrals to appropriate campus entities and, if necessary, off-campus agencies.

BIT Responsibilities

  • Provide clear reporting procedures to the VGCC campus community.
  • Serve as initial point of contact for employees and students who are dealing with threatening, disruptive, or otherwise problematic behavior.
  • Monitor students of concern and provide them with the appropriate campus and outside agency support as needed.
  • Provide training for faculty and staff on how to assist students of concern.
  • Provide clear communication and procedures to the VGCC community.
  • Build strong working relationships and establish liaisons with local community.
  • Review college policies and procedures for dealing with the behavior of individuals on campus.


  • Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement and Success
  • Dean of Student Retention and Success
  • One advisor
  • Two faculty members
  • Coordinator of Accessibility Services/Counselor
  • Human Resources Representative