VGCC Pins 19 Practical Nursing Graduates


Vance-Granville Community College recently honored 19 Practical Nursing graduates for completing the one-year program. The July 24 pinning ceremony took place in the College’s Main Campus Civic Center.

Upon receiving their diplomas, the graduates are now eligible to sit for the national exam for licensed practical nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Dr. Levy Brown, VGCC’s Vice President of Academic affairs; Erica Jastrow, the chair of the College’s Nursing Department; and Candice Howarth, president of the Practical Nursing Class of 2019, offered welcoming remarks at the event.

“Our Nursing program goes all the way back to 1970, almost to the founding of this great institution,” said Dr. Brown. “Now we are proud to add to that history the Practical Nursing Class of 2019, a diverse group of students from several towns in our region.” While many members of the class have chosen specific nursing specialties for their careers, many also plan to continue their education, he said. He encouraged the graduates to “aspire, accelerate, and achieve in every walk of life.”

“With success comes great responsibility,” Jastrow noted in her remarks. “The work that these graduates did a year ago was work for their future selves that are here graduating today. I hope that others are inspired by your success to begin working toward their future selves. We at VGCC would love to have the opportunity to work with others to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.”

VGCC’s Practical Nursing Class of 2019

Candice Howarth of Bullock;
Mary Wanjiku of Cary;
Shaquile Hawkins and Sharlett Wilson, both of Creedmoor;
Timothy Adesina and Justin Kortor, both of Durham;
Stephanie Alston of Henderson;
Laveasta Clayton of Knightdale;
Megann Casady of Louisburg;
Mikayla Sellers of Middleburg;
Brittany Williams of Oxford;
Marylou Goedeker, Sylvia Mugambi, Stephen Nyambariga, Esther Ogachi and Teresa Onchiri, all of Raleigh;
Cindy Blankenship and Suzanne Wiley, both of Wake Forest;
and Bryanne Kilmer of Youngsville.

Group of Nurses on campus steps