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VGCC Carpentry Students Build House for St. Nick

The skills of Vance-Granville Community College Carpentry students are on display in Warrenton with a holiday-themed community service project.

In years past, it was a Christmas tradition in Warrenton to erect a small house on the Courthouse Square where Santa Claus could greet children and hear what they wanted to find under the tree or in their stockings. The house was folded up and stored so it could be reused year after year. Several years ago, however, the house was misplaced. The Warrenton Revitalization Committee, a 13-member group appointed by the Town of Warrenton, decided to bring back the tradition this year. A committee member contacted Keith Tunstall, head of VGCC’s Carpentry program, to see if his students would be interested in helping out. “We furnished the materials, and the students supplied the labor,” said Warrenton Revitalization Committee vice-chair Anne Harris.

Students did most of the construction at the college’s main campus in Vance County. Then they carted the house to Warrenton on Oct. 24, and re-assembled it. “The students were just delightful, as was their instructor,” Harris said. “The house is most attractive and very well-constructed. We’re so pleased with this community effort.” She added that committee members were so excited by the house that they have tried to think of a way to use it year-round, but it was constructed so that it can be easily stored away.

Santa’s house was up in time for the Harvest Market Festival on Oct. 25 and will remain through the holidays. The house, which has since been painted, is located between Oakley Hall Antiques and the Hardware Café, across from the Warren County Courthouse.

For more information on VGCC’s Carpentry program , call Keith Tunstall at (252) 738-3261 or (252) 213-1266.

Above, left: VGCC Carpentry students work on the “Santa house” in downtown Warrenton. (VGCC photo)
Above, right: The “Santa House” in downtown Warrenton, as it looked after being completed and painted. (VGCC photo)