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Take Your Flavor to the Streets through VGCC’s Food Truck Design Class

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Get ready to roll out the flavor! Join Vance-Granville’s Food Truck Development & Design class and learn how to turn your culinary dreams into a street food sensation.

The Food Truck Development & Design class is a comprehensive program designed to guide aspiring food truck entrepreneurs through the process of starting their own mobile food business. This 72-hour course is ideal for culinary professionals who want to reach their customers in a new way, as well as Culinary Arts students who envision a future in the food truck industry.

  • Business Plan Know-How: Students will learn how to write a successful business plan, understanding its role in developing a strong and cohesive business model.
  • Marketing for Food Trucks: Students will learn about the marketing components necessary for a successful food truck venture. Topics include research, preparation, and developing a cohesive business design model.
  • Menu Development: Participants will delve into menu development and how to price menu items. They will also learn how a menu can serve as an extension of the brand and fulfill the mission and vision of the business.
  • Budget Management: The class will cover budget management for a food truck business, helping students understand the expenses involved and the importance of proper budgeting for success.
  • Interior Food Truck Design: The course will also teach the multi-step process for designing the interior of a food truck, including the necessary appliance components and layout decisions.

Evening classes kick off at the Masonic Home Kitchen in Oxford on Tuesday, July 23, and run through September 12. Register today at!

For more information, contact Elisa Rodwell, Director of Occupational Extension, at (252) 738-3276 or