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Customer Service Exellence


Vance-Granville Community College offers Customer Service Excellence, a program designed to equip employees with the skills needed to provide outstanding customer service by building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Classes are designed to teach participants how to achieve customer service excellence while building a robust, skilled workforce for our local employers.

Class is only 24 hours! Only attend the first day of class and the rest is online! The cost of the class is $70, free to qualified participants through HRD fee waiver. To learn more about the program, call (252) 738 – 3276 or email

Visit to register for classes.

Fall 2020 Customer Service Schedule

  • September 21st  – October 18th at Main Campus
  • October 5th – November 1st at South Campus
  • October 26th – November 22nd at Franklin Campus
  • November 23rd – December 20th at Warren Campus
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