Human Resources Development (HRD)

What is HRD?

Human Resources Development (HRD) is a pre-vocational and pre-employment skills training program designed to educate and prepare persons for success in the workplace. HRD is mainly intended for those persons who are unemployed, underemployed, dislocated workers; or employed, but seeking skills upgrading or retraining. It is state funded through the N.C. Community College System. The HRD program focuses upon customer wants and needs. Training may include a variety of topics relating to job orientation and motivation, employability skills, self-sufficiency or customized skills training. Instruction can be provided on either an individual or group basis. Training length will vary according to customer needs. HRD can be linked to other college training programs or connected to agencies outside the institution where appropriate. Upon completing prescribed classes, students are assisted with job placement or further training.

There is no cost to enroll in the HRD program for eligible persons. For more information or to apply, interested persons should contact the HRD office.

Core Curriculum Components

The core curriculum for HRD training includes, but is not limited, to the following components:

Employability Skills
self-assessment and values clarification
Employability Lab
open entry/exit employability skills
Career Planning & Assessment
goal setting and action plan
Occupational Readiness/Pathways
employability skills/occupational extension courses
Introduction to Computer Skills
information technology/applications for job search
Employability Motivation & Retention
self-esteem/keeping a job
Economic Literacy
personal finances, changing economy

Career Readiness Certification

The Career Readiness Certificate is an assessment based credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills.

The Career Readiness Certification is a portable credential that promotes career development and skill attainment for the individual and confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills. Career Readiness Certification participants are assessed in: Reading for Information; Applied Mathematics and Locating Information. Based on assessment results, customers may take the nationally recognized WorkKeys Test and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate that will demonstrate proficiency in these areas.

Class Registration

To register for any of the courses below please fill out this HRD Registration Form.

MAIN CAMPUS - Henderson
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Class Schedule