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The Law Enforcement Training program at VGCC is designed to provide Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Detention Officers, Telecommunicators and Corrections Officers with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills based on new and existing technology. Programs are open to all Law Enforcement Agencies in the area. A broad range of Mandated and Specialty classes, based on both agency needs and new training standards, are offered during the year on the college campus and at various agency locations.


Students who arrive late or leave early will not receive full credit for the training course.100% attendance is required in all training courses. Attendees must bring any issued equipment needed for the course on the day it is to be utilized.


The cost for in-service training courses is FREE for certified officers affiliated with a public North Carolina Agency, otherwise you will be required to pay the designated registration fee.


Enrollment in these courses is restricted to Law Enforcement Officers and Criminal Justice Professionals.

Dress Code:

The dress code is business casual unless course participation requires other specific attire. T-shirts and shorts are not allowed. If you wear your service weapon to training at VGCC you must display your badge also

Cancellation Policy:

A course may be canceled if fewer than 10 students are enrolled. Every effort will be made to provide sufficient notice to the student should the need to cancel a course arise.


Schedule a CASAS Test by completing the CASAS Testing Request link.

CASAS Testing Request Form

Public Safety Building
Building 10, Room 10104
Phone: 252-738-3411

Testing Dates:

6-7-22 at 8:30 am
6-15-22 at 8:30 am
6-16-22 at 8:30 am
6-28-22 at 8:30 am
6-30-22 at 8:30 am
7-6-22 at 9:00 am
7-7-22 at 9:00 am
7-8-22 at 9:00 am
7-12-22 at 9:00 am
7-13-22 at 9:00 am
7-14-22 at 9:00 am
7-19-22 at 8:30 am
7-20-22 at 8:30 am
7-21-22 at 8:30 am

Read more about our Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum Program

Brandon Bishop
Director of BLET/LeT

Glen Boyd
Coordinator/Instructor for Corrections/Law Enforcement Training

Trudy Hargrove
BLET/Law Enforcement Training Administrative Assistant

Field Training Officer Training Program

  • 44 hours in length and cover 5 days.
  • Week of August 1st through August 5th, 2022.

This course will provide Field Training Officers with a perspective and understanding of the various roles they must fulfill and the basic requirements of their position in the field training program. Information that will be covered within this training will include the following Block Topics:

  • Foundations of the FTO Program
  • Communications
  • Ethics
  • Role of the FTO
  • PBL
  • Scenario-based Training
  • Performance Evaluation & Feedback (Daily Observation Reports, Performance Evaluation Reports, Standard Evaluation Guidelines and Vehicle Driving/Operational Reports and Review)
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Remedial Training
  • Civil Liability
  • Report Writing
  • Officer Safety
  • Leadership

The registration form and applicant paperwork must be completed and submitted by July 27th, 2022. This must be accompanied by a recommendation letter signed by the applicants agency head.

2022 FTO Registration Form (PDF)
FTO Applicant Worksheet
2022 Trainee Agreement